POLCOA Warriors


List of the POLCOA defence warriors.

Trio's pot case nixed, Toronto Sun

Pierre Champagne Bruce Ryan James WallaceEd Martin marijuana charge withdrawn.


Sandy Kramer fifth marijuana charged withdrawn!


Derek Francisco charges dropped, medpot returned!!Wife charges withdrawn.


Marc Beaudoin in Lindsay .


Crown staying Seegobin medpot charges to duck Krieger App.


Rudy SeegobinRandy Post medpot charges withdrawn.


Joel Bollers I didn't even do a story on Joel's POLCOA prohibition win!

An anonamous Crusader in Ontario, threatens POLCOA and the Crown moved to stay the charge and return equiptment to avoid trial. Oct 7, 2009

Ken Surgent marijuana possession charge withdrawn Nov. 25, 2009, precedent in Windsor.


Gerard Faux was charged with everything: s....4(1)possession, s.7(1) cultivation; s.5(2) possession for the purpose of trafficking. All charges were withdrawn Feb. 24, 2010 in Peterborough court. This should be the biggest Section 24 Order yet.

Finally, there are the withdrawals due to POLCOA threat and reduced plea bargain:

Grower Richard Johnson gets 6 months probation. Wife charge withdrawn daughter charge withdrawn.


Nielsens end case with return of their property.


Laurie Nielsen charge withdrawn
Danielle Neilsen charge withdrawn

Dominic Gravel (early 2005) He had spent almost a year in pre-trial custody for one of the biggest grow-op busts in Quebec. After half a dozen hearings where the courts kept insisting his S.601 "unknown to law" motion needed constitutional notice until a judge finally admitted he didn't, then the Crown offered him a plea bargain that let himout in just a few weeks or months. Pretty impressive to have such an arch-criminal released for so little more time. So, 16 people had their charges withdrawn and 3 had a plea bargain so the Crown could avoid arguing the POLCOA. And of course, since the Sfetkopoulos decision and the Crown Sean Gaudet's Goodie, POLCOA is even stronger.

Warrior Judges:

Justice Patrick Sheppard OCJ, Justices Rosenberg, Catzman and Charron OCA  (R. v. Parker)

Justice Pillips OCJ, Justice Steven Rogin OSC (R. v J.P.)


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